The Inane Musings of a Little Tyke Down Under

As I seem to spend a great deal of time withering about my thoughts on the Internet anyway on certain social media sites, I felt that the next natural and logical step was to find a way to bother people in some other form as well.

I am not famous, although the size of my arse can probably rival Kim Kardashian’s these days and I didn’t even need to pay for surgery. She should have waited until her forties like me, and it would just have appeared overnight like mine did – free, gratis and for nothing.

I don’t have any particular talents other than my amazing ability to whistle so loudly that I can be heard several miles away by the hard of hearing, and knowing all the words to songs by th Foo Fighters.

I am not even sure who will find these additional musings in the least bit interesting, but I aim to please by making them as readable as possible. I might even make you laugh now and again, but we’ll see about that as we go along.

I will try to describe what my life has been like moving from the UK village I had called my home forever, to the other side of world whereI had never even visited before.

I promised my dear grandad one day in his garden (when i was little enough to believe in the impossible) that one day I would dig all the way down to Australia. And this is the story of how it happened….


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