Dougie Digs Down!

Greetings, Douglets!

I felt that now might be a good time to explain why this blog is named DougDownUnder.

The reasons for this are twofold:

One – as you may have previously read, I had promised my dear grandad when I was small that I would one day dig a hole in his garden all the way down until I reached Australia.

Two – a few weeks ago we adopted a wild-eyed Collie with a winning smile from the RSPCA. I wanted to name him ‘Flower’ because “Collie Flower” is such an ironic name (isn’t it dear readers), but my daughter is in love with Dougie McFly, so that was final.

Dougie the Dog has thoughtfully spent every minute since then trying to make my childhood wish come true – in reverse – by attempting to dig our Australian lawn down all the way back to my grandad’s old garden in good old Blighty.

Perhaps he really does do this in some kind of grand tribute to my childhood promise to my grandad. Then again, perhaps he’s just another unhinged Collie who strategically creates potholes for us to fall into when we look for him outside after dark. I swear that dog can laugh.

My money’s on the latter, but if you live in the North of England and you happen to find a black and white dog with a happy grin sitting in your garden amid what appears to be a huge molehill…give me a call because he hasn’t had his rabies jab.

In all honesty, I initially wanted to call this blog something very “Yorkshire”because you can take the lass out of Yorkshire but you can never take Yorkshire out of the lass. But sadly, anything to do with puddings, tykes, whippets, flat caps and grimness was already taken (it really was!), so DougDownUnder it eventually became.

And I actually rather like its dual meaning, so maybe it was meant to be after all.

Anyway, I hope you stick around and keep me company as I add to the blog, it’d be awful lonesome here all by myself.



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