Thank You

Welcome back, dear readers, it’s been a while!

As a fledgling writer, I feel that honesty is important in all things and that without it, you cannot expect the people who kindly read your work to feel or understand the emotion behind it. People know when you’re being honest, and they appreciate it.

I always ask my husband to proof read my blog before I publish each post, and I scrutinise his face carefully to see if he laughs where I hoped he would; for the furrow of his brow where I have hopefully challenged him in some small way. That, to me, is the benchmark by which I measure the strength of my writing, and his opinions are priceless to me.

Whilst this may seem to be pretentious twaddle by some, please bear with me. I have had the absolute privilege of people who follow my blog telling me that I’ve often made them laugh and cry in the same breath. I fervently hope that these sentiments are not just kindly encouragement, because those same sentences made me laugh and cry too, when I first wrote them.

There’s nothing greater than to have someone nod in recognition at what you have written, to say ‘Yes! That happened to me!’ It is a huge rush to me.

I started this blog to combat my loneliness when I first arrived in Australia; and I always feel like I’m sharing my thoughts with a friend. It has been fun, confronting, exhilarating, upsetting, enjoyable…but most of all, so very compelling to write.

This blog is my pleasure to write, and I hope it is yours to continue reading it. I dream of being good enough to write professionally one day, in whatever form that may be. This blog allows me to practise, and without you here reading my posts, I’ll never have the courage to do it.

So, thank you readers for indulging me. I really appreciate you all, and I hope to continue entertaining you for some time to come.


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