Blog Hop – Women Writing

Wow! I’ve been nominated by the wonderful Katie at The Cat Bed blog ( to take part in the Blog Hop to shine a light on women’s writing. Thank you Katie for your friendship, support and nomination!

This Yorkshirewoman was of course very honoured with her kind nomination, as my ramblings variously consist of such diversity as the antics of my family and other animals, to the recalling of my six-year-old self performing a home perm on my father in the 1970’s.

My father lived to tell the tale, only to undergo further suffering as I grew into a moody teenager obsessed with The Cure and The Smiths, but happily remains remarkably unscathed by his experiences with my sister and me.

I now live in Australia with one husband, two occasionally moody teenagers of my own, two rescued cockatiels and two rescued dogs.

The cockatiels are Roger (who models himself on Morrissey, funnily enough), and Buddy (the former ‘male’ who is in fact now very obviously female and fancies herself as Houdini, having flown behind the fitted kitchen and had it dismantled around her in order to enable her rescue).

The dogs are an unintentionally hilarious Collie – Dougie, who bucks the trend of being a part of one of the cleverest breeds in the world; and Penny, an Australian Kelpie puppy who talks even more than I do.

Why do I write what I do?

I use my writing as an outlet for lots of things, processing memories, as a diary of my life and those I meet along the way. I hope that I bring a splash of humour and recognition of similar experiences to those who read my posts.

How the Blog Hop works

Write a description of yourself as a writer and answer the following questions, then nominate another 2-3 women writers/bloggers to participate. I have only nominated one at this moment in time, due to time restrictions.

What am I working on/writing?

I love to observe the behaviour of many different types of people, their views and life experiences. I write about everything and anything that I think the reader will hopefully enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writing about it.

Why do I write what I do?

I love to observe the behaviours, experiences and reactions of people at large; little vignettes of life seen at train stations, in the street, at the coffee shop, in the workplace. And my memories often tie in with what I see.

Next Weeks Blog Hopper:

I would like to nominate my good friend and fellow blogger Susan ( who I’m immensely fond and proud of. I’ll let her tell you a little about herself below, and we hope to see you drop by our blogs soon!

I’m Susan and I live in London. I write a blog about how I lost 11 stones walking around London then followed it up writing my adventures on a month long, whistle-stop global tour whilst trying to stay on the health and fitness bandwagon.



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